Client List

Capshaw Elementary Renovation, Cookeville, TN
Putnam County Middle School, Cookeville, TN
Jere Whitson Elem. Renovation, Cookeville, TN
Dry Valley Alternative School, Cookeville, TN
Emerg. Repairs Cookeville High, Cookeville, TN
Gym and Bleacher Renovation, Cookeville, TN
Smithville Elementary, Smithville, TN
West Elementary School, Smithville, TN
DeKalb Middle School, Smithville, TN
DeKalb High School, Smithville, TN
Heavenly Host Private School I, Cookeville, TN
Heavenly Host Private School II, Cookeville, TN
Crossville Private School, Crossville, TN

Community Bank – 10th Street, Cookeville, TN
First Mercantile Bank, Cookeville, TN
Community Bank of Jamestown, Jamestown, TN
Community Bank of Cookeville, Cookeville, TN
American Savings Bank, Livingston, TN
Citizens Bank, Carthage, TN
Citizens Bank, Cookeville, TN
First National Bank Branch Office, McMinnville, TN
Peoples Bank & Trust, Cookeville, TN
Highland Federal, Savings & Loan, Crossville, TN

Commercial Projects
McMinnville Library, McMinnville, TN
Horner Funeral Home, Cookeville, TN
Foutch Industries, Sparta, TN
Pizza Wholesale, Paris, KY
MMA Creative, Varsity Cinema, Cookeville, TN
AMI Pizza, Nashville, TN
Automation Tool Company, Cookeville, TN
Boyd Renovation, offices, Cookeville, TN
Citizen’s Telecom, Cookeville, TN
Classic Class Art Studio, Smithville, TN
Courtyard Restaurant, Cookeville, TN
DeKalb Telephone, Alexandria, TN
DeKalb Telephone Warehouse, Alexandria, TN
8 DeKalb Telephone Exchange Buildings, DeKalb
7 DeKalb Telephone Exchange, DeKalb County
DeKalb Telephone Office, Alexandria, TN
Smithville Electric, Smithville, TN
Broad Street Office Complex, Cookeville, TN
Foutch’s Distributing, Cookeville, TN
G & L Manufacturing, Cookeville, TN
Putnam Co. Justice Center, Cookeville, TN
Overton County 911, Livingston, TN
Putnam County Courthouse, Cookeville, TN
Randolph & Parks, Multi-Computer, Cookeville, TN
Regal Marine Industries, Smithville, TN
S W Manufacturing, Smithville, TN
Twin Lakes Telephone Office, Jamestown, TN
Twin Lakes Telephone ADA Comp, Upper Cumberland
Twin Lakes Telephone Exchange Building, Allardt, TN
Upper Cumberland Electric, Cookeville, TN
Vickers & Associates, Cookeville, TN
Williams Enterprises, Cookeville, TN

Heritage Pointe Assisted Living, Cookeville, TN
Larco Medical, Cookeville, TN
Upper Cumberland Cardiology, Cookeville, TN
Otolaryngology Clinic, Cookeville, TN
Upper Cumberland Urology, Cookeville, TN
Cookeville Surgery Center, Cookeville, TN
DeKalb County Hospital, Smithville, TN
Eye Centers of Tennessee, Cookeville, TN
Eye Centers of Tennessee, Crossville, TN
Physicians Associate, Crossville, TN
Cumberland Dermatology, Crossville, TN
Dr. Hayes, DDS, Cookeville, TN
Smithville Family Practice, Smithville, TN
Dr. Witherington, Crossville, TN
Dr. Stites, DDS, Crossville, TN
Flatt Medical Facility, Cookeville, TN
Mechanical/Electrical, Livingston, TN
Overton County Nursing Home, Livingston, TN
Overton County Nursing Home,Livingston, TN
Putnam County Health Dept, Cookeville, TN
Upper Cumb. Family Physicians,Cookeville, TN
Upper Cumb.Otolaryngology, Cookeville, TN
Webb House Nursing Home, Smithville, TN
Willow Ave. Medical Complex, Cookeville, TN
Tennessee Heart Associates, Cookeville, TN
Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center, Cookeville, TN
CRMC Sleep Center, Cookeville, TN

Cane Creek Leisure Center, Cookeville, TN
YMCA, Sparta, TN
Montgomery Addition, Gainesboro, TN
J.D. Parks, Residence, Cookeville, TN
Jack Ray, Residence, Monterey, TN
W.T. Ray, Residence, Monterey, TN
Sasser Addition, Cookeville, TN
Ricky Shelton, Residence, Cookeville, TN

Thunderbird Best Western, Cookeville, TN
24 Unit - Royal Garden Apts., Manchester, TN
32 Unit - East Ridge Apts., Woodbury, TN
36 Unit - The Fairways, Cookeville, TN
UCHRA - Lakeside Renovation, Smithville, TN

Civil Engineering:
Property Development

Neal Street Development, Cookeville, TN
Meadowview Subdivision, Smithville, TN
Hurricane Hills Subdivision, Smithville, TN
Pippen Place Subdivision, Cookeville, TN
Avery Place Gated Subdivision, Cookeville, TN
Deerhaven Subdivision, Smithville, TN
Neal Street Retail Development, Cookeville, TN
Bethea Business Park, Cookeville, TN

Collegeside Church of Christ, Cookeville, TN
Christ Lutheran Church, Crossville, TN
Bear Cove Baptist Church, Sparta, TN
Homestead Baptist Church, Crossville, TN
Rocky Valley Baptist Church, Lebanon, TN
Celina United Methodist Church, Celina, TN
Cornerstone Baptist Church, McMinnville, TN
Fairfield Glade Community, Fairfield Glade, TN
Gum Springs Baptist Church, Walling, TN
St. Andrew Catholic Church, Cookeville, TN
Church of God, Cookeville, TN
Fairfield Glade Methodist, Fairfield Glade, TN
First Church of the Nazarene, Cookeville, TN
Heavenly Host Lutheran Church, Cookeville, TN
Livingston Methodist Church, Livingston, TN
Saint Gregory's Catholic Church, Smithville, TN
Saint Francis Catholic Church, Fairfield Glade, TN
Happy Haven Home, Church of Christ, Cookeville, TN
First Presbyterian Church, Crossville, TN