Daniel Sherfy
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Daniel Sherfy

Senior Vice President

Dan Sherfy gained an early interest in architecture by hanging out at construction sites. From engineers to hardhat workers, he watched the different jobs and how they came together to create impressive structures. So, from the start, you could say Dan knew he wanted to be part of that process.

Today, Dan is a registered architect with more than 25 years of experience in the architectural and construction industry. With an eye for detail and personal approach, he serves as the point of contact and project manager on AEI projects. Dan's management skills and attentive nature give AEI a distinct edge in meeting and often exceeding client expectations.

As senior vice president, Dan's days are filled with promoting business development and implementing quality control steps for AEI. His extensive background in project planning, budgeting and estimating allows him to assist clients in forming realistic budgets while ensuring the projects vision is still achieved. He takes great pride in assisting clients by developing functional yet attractive designs and all within budget.